Job offer: Real time designer

At Superbien, the real time designer creates visuals for interactive projects.

Working in collaboration with a multimedia director and an interactive system developer, he must be aware of the creative and technical challenges realted to the projects.
He must also be able to propose inovating concepts in response to project related issues


- Mastering one or several of the following tools : vvvv, TouchDesigner, OpenFrameworks, Unity
- Art direction and confirmed motion design skills (Creative Suite and Cinema4D)
- Interest for real time programming tools

- Skills in video mapping and special formats
- Knowledge of the 3D pipeline
- Knowledge in shader programming
- Knowledge of video diffusion systems
- VJing


The interactive system developer will have to gather informations and evaluate the feasibility of each of the projects. That includes:

- Capacity to expose ideas in a simple and structured way

- Understanding the different surrounding roles in the team

- Understanding of technical challenges and optimisation of real time systems

- Being able to adapt knowledge and skills depending on the project

- Take part in the creative process and propose inovating solutions

- Being sensible to new trends and evolution of tools and technologies

- Being able to adapt to new tools and new technologies

- Being available on site for the set-up and the operation of the projects

- Flexible schedule inherent to the events sector and the technical constraints of the installations