Job offer: Interactive system developer

At Superbien, the interactive system developer takes part in the conception, the realization and the follow up of the interactive projects.

Working in collaboration with a multimedia director, he must be aware of the technical challenges and specificities related to a project. He must also be able to propose new solutions and tools to overcome potential problems.


- Mastering one or several of the following tools : vvvv, TouchDesigner, OpenFrameworks, Unity

- UX / UI
- Electronics, sensors, Arduino
- Video diffusion systems
- DMX protocol
- One or several of the following languages (python, C#, C++)
- Shader programming
- 3D Pipeline


The interactive system developer will have to gather informations and evaluate the feasibility of each of the projects. That includes:

- Capacity to expose ideas in a simple and structured way

- Understanding the different surrounding roles in the team

- Being able to adapt knowledge and skills depending on the project

- Participate in the creative process and propose inovating solutions

- Being able to adapt to new tools and new technologies

- Being available on site for the set-up and the operation of the projects

- Flexible schedule inherent to the events sector and the technical constraints of the installations

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