Job offer:Video operator

Working in direct collaboration with artistic directors and realtime designers, the video operator wil be present on the artist tour (starting in march 2017) to ensure the proper functioning of the installation and the diffusion of the video content, (VJing) alongside the sound and lighting managers.


- Mastering Resolume Arena and his featured mapping tools
- Excellent knowledge of controllers and MIDI mapping
- Excellent knowledge of video transmission and distribution systems
- Knowledge of gateways between light and video consoles (artnet, DMX)
- Knowledge of gateways between sound and video broadcasting (Ableton, MIDI, OSC)
- Ability of improvisation and musical ear
- Respect of the DA / graphic charter set up for each event
- Experiences in the world of VJing and events
- Flexible schedules and total mobility related to the event sector and technical constraints for installations / rehearsals
- Good graphic and artistic culture

- Sensitivity to real-time and audio-reactive authoring systems
- Knowledge of pixel mapping tools


- Ability to adapt to new tools and technologies
- Know how to work with light and sound